‘Choose wisely’.  

At Guild Nines, quality is at the core of every one of our products. We combine traditional and contemporary manufacturing methods and a skilled knowledge base to devise the best processes in design and manufacture. Whether analog or digital, traditional or pioneering- we choose the best solution available to fabricate the best piece possible. Exceptional materials and finishes are a hallmark of our designs, which are beautiful, timeless, American-made- and built to last.


We don’t go overseas to build our furniture. From the initial design and prototyping to actual part fabrication and assembly, you'll benefit from U.S.- based know-how and ingenuity. This way, we're able to serve you better and help keep much-needed jobs where they belong.


We craft our furniture from select hardwoods in the finest grade available. These hardwoods are all-natural, living, and breathing materials. We use the best of both modern and traditional techniques to ensure your enjoyment for years to come.


Don't be fooled- often manufacturers say 'walnut' is the finish, when it is a cheap and inferior wood with a walnut-colored stain. Be informed on what you are purchasing.

One of the finest hardwoods is American Black Walnut, which has grain characteristics and tonal values unrivaled by other woods. In order to preserve these grain variations, no attempt is made to change the natural appearance of American walnut, or to match from one piece to another. Such variations are considered part of the inherent beauty of the select walnut used to enhance the character of the designs. Our American black walnut is selected for its warm hue and deep figuring. We only specify ‘Select and Better’ in color and clarity- the most stringent grade available.


The most sustainable piece is the one you don't throw away, or need to replace. Beyond standing behind our furniture, our goal is to provide sustainable solutions and furniture that lasts. We use a conscious approach to design and manufacture with optimization of processes and materials. We work to minimize our waste, without compromising the integrity or durability of our designs. We source materials, including walnut (a Michigan-native species), as close to our shop as possible, and we create durable, high quality goods for products made to last, not throw away. We have also worked to develop the best methods for responsible storage and shipment of our products, which are all made in the USA.