We craft our products so they'll last- and even after they have left our care, we are here to provide counsel to ensure the longest and most beautiful life for your pieces. The following instructions will help you to properly care for and maintain your Guild Nines pieces.


Every care has been taken in manufacture to stabilize the wood to avoid warping and to allow for expansion and contraction of the natural wood without problems. However, it is essential that you care for your solid wood furniture by normalizing its living conditions as much as possible.

Maintain wood and lacquer by not placing near heaters and air conditioning units to prevent over-drying or exposure to excessive moisture. Avoid extreme humidity changes in your home, as extremely dry air can cause wood to crack and lacquer to lift. Rubber or plastic left on the wood finish can also damage the finish. Walnut can change color over time, particularly when exposed to sunlight.

Dirt, spills, and regular wear are best attended to as they happen- much like stains on clothing. Don’t delay! Use a dry or lightly dampened, clean cotton cloth to clean. Never use solvent-based cleaners. Do not store in damp or extreme temperature environments. Never set hot or moist objects directly on wood surfaces. Do not use commercial, heavy-duty polishes or waxes.

Clean by using a dry or slightly damp soft cloth. Follow by polishing with a dry soft cloth. There is no other product needed.


Although most metal finishes are protected with a clear coat, they are still susceptible to wear. Never use cleaners with alcohols or solvents on metals. Only use fine cotton or extra soft, clean cloths.

NATURAL STEEL- Natural steel pieces are carefully polished and finished with a clear coat. Wipe with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth. Do not use solvent-based cleaners.

STAINLESS STEEL- Use stainless steel cleaner or a damp cloth, then a dry cloth.

PLATED BRASS- Brass plated finishes are clear coated. Wipe with a damp cloth and then a dry cloth. Do not use solvent-based cleaners or metal polishes.